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4 definitions by Andrew Webber

1.- (dhan-tês-kov) No word to define this anomaly.
No examples found with this word.
автор: Andrew Webber 6 мая 2005
0 0
1.- (see-em-dee) Also known as Pablo Salazar. Weird specie of a huge black mammal. Second cousin of the pigs and first of the whales. This specie is undefined yet. Characteristics: Curly black hair, enormous hips, big belly and a typic mexican sense of humor.
Im becoming a CMD. You are as fat and ugly as a CMD.
автор: Andrew Webber 6 мая 2005
7 18
An adjective that can be used to expressed the goodness or coolness of an object or experience.
"Those shoes are so snap." or "That basketball game was snap."
автор: Andrew Webber 25 февраля 2003
3 23
1.- (shâr-bell) Second cousin of the primates. A mammal of the order Primates, which includes the anthropoids and prosimians.
You are a damn charbel. My charbel ate the bananas.
автор: Andrew Webber 6 мая 2005
21 87