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12 definitions by Arshole

Short for Ars Technica, one of the premier technical websites on the internet.
I surfed Ars for a while.
автор: ArsHole 22 августа 2003
64 42
Big mouthed goth who still feels bad about getting picked on in High School.
Visigothan is totally against Jocks and wants to curb stomp them for making his wear leather his whole life.
автор: Arshole 23 августа 2003
43 28
Former chef, pimp and all around badass.
Now a father and all around mellow mang.
GWT is bland.
автор: ArsHole 22 августа 2003
23 15
A warrior of the highest caliber and a denizen of Ars IRC.
More than capable of whacking your sorry ass, muthafucka.
DiePilot carries - but he doesn't have to.
автор: ArsHole 22 августа 2003
8 7
Ingestor of the 7 key.
Holy Fuck! He just did a qwerpafw on that keyboard!
автор: Arshole 24 августа 2003
6 7
He Who Must Not Be Mentioned.
Iä! Iä! Ohrmazd fhtagn!
автор: ArsHole 22 августа 2003
4 5
To end a relationship, esp. with a lover.
Your girlfriend is clinically insane. You need to norrick her immediately and find someone else.
автор: ArsHole 26 августа 2003
2 5