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4 definitions by BIG bill

Good, Yummy, Delicious.
I just ate a taco and that shit was TASTY as fuck!
автор: BIG bill 13 марта 2003
85 44
The finest man on campus. By one look, a girl has to fight the urge to undress and crawl on top of him. Nice body, big dick, and a nice firm ass. No matter what, he can always give the best of pleasure to anyone that may challenge him.
I saw Tim Nelson and next thing I remember my shirt was off and my pants were undone.
автор: Big Bill 6 апреля 2005
26 22
a complete prick and suck his own dick
carringface is a complete prick and sucks his own dick
автор: big bill 24 марта 2005
1 3
You have the definition right, but the word wrong. It's called the david copperfield. Houdini got himself out of locked handcuffs, copperfield does the slight of hand.
Sara wouldn't let me shoot it on her face, so I gave her the david copperfield!
автор: Big Bill 9 апреля 2004
1 10