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4 definitions by Bexx

Showing off; showing what you've got.
"And we like to floss /
All my diamonds gloss /
I represent the dirty dirty dirty dirty South."
--Lil' Flip
автор: Bexx 28 января 2005
755 118
Something unattractive, or particularly ugly/backward.
That scar? Hella wounded.
автор: Bexx 27 января 2005
18 15
n. Used to describe a big ass. Referring to ass-cakes, or beef/cheesecake. Used as a noun only.
That girl's got -cake-.
автор: Bexx 28 января 2005
5 11
adj. To be extremely ugly, beyond the level of being "wounded".

This pounded is pronounced "poonded", but derives from the word "wounded. Thus the weird spelling.
Damn. That girl's hella pounded.
автор: Bexx 28 января 2005
21 88