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6 definitions by Captain Ahab

the way and means of being a dick
Hey, your being a dick and I'm tired of your dicketry!
автор: Captain Ahab 8 марта 2003
37 13
Just a different way of saying what's happening.
Hey Pete what's crappening?
автор: Captain Ahab 17 февраля 2004
29 11
Initials standing for the term "In House Pussy" used to describe when a woman is living with you.
Yeah, my old lady and I are shacked up, now I got some in house pussy.
автор: Captain Ahab 5 апреля 2004
13 1
A very slutty woman, gets around a lot.
That girls banged everyone and her brother she's such a weiner bucket.
автор: Captain Ahab 8 марта 2003
9 2
Deragatory name for a woman's vagina
If that bitch doesn't shut up she's gonna be rewarded with a swift punch in the pissbox!
автор: Captain Ahab 19 октября 2003
8 3
In addition to the typical use of this word to refer to celebrity chasing by the media it also is a sexual term. In the sexual term giving a girl a paparazzi is when you are having sex with her and have a bunch of your friends bust in during the middle of the act with camcorders and cameras and take pictures.
Greg was drillin' his old lady and we all broke into the room took pictures and gave her a paparazzi.
автор: Captain Ahab 6 августа 2006
52 156