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76 definitions by Claire

1.to sleep
2. to stay at someone elses house for the night
1. "Dude, i'm going to go crash. See you later"
2. "Is it okay if I crash here?"
автор: claire 3 марта 2003
862 171
to place both legs around something, as you would when riding a horse.
"gee, he's hot, i'd straddle him any day!"
автор: Claire 27 января 2004
752 96
An acronym for Wives and Girlfriends coined by the British media during the 2006 World Cup in reference to the their better halves of the England football squad - a group who provided an alternative source of entertainment whilst their HABS (husbands and boyfriends) bored us to death in the group stages.
As acronyms go, WAGS is not bad. It could have been something worse, some sort of rhyming slang.
автор: Claire 20 июня 2006
289 71
Spiced Rum. Makes you yak like crazy though.
'Got a little Captain in you?'
автор: Claire 15 ноября 2004
234 140
A greeting to one of your friends that you know extremely well
An example in an online conversation would be:
Person1: heya louie what's up?
Person2: not much claire
автор: Claire 20 декабря 2003
131 77
hair thats a mess, that makes you look like youve just had sex
автор: claire 13 октября 2003
54 10
The crust/goupe that you get in the corner of your eyes after a long sleep or at the end of the day.
I woke up with a sleepy seed in my eye.
автор: Claire 8 декабря 2003
50 13