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3 definitions by Corey Thornton-Trump

This means that you don't exactly understand what someone is saying, and you'd like them to elaborate
PERSON A: "I have a friend who has a friend who's friend has a friend that has a friend that knows somebody who knows a guy who knows a girl who's girlfriend has a boyfriend who went to a really bad doctor who's doctor's doctor's doctor's doctor ate a BigMac and flatulated on top of his flatulence until he fainted"
PERSON B: "Can I buy a vowel?"
автор: Corey Thornton-Trump 9 апреля 2008
89 27
this means pretty much the worst movie you've ever seen.
I can't believe I paid money to see that blockblister!
автор: Corey Thornton-Trump 26 августа 2006
6 7
slang for Dr. Pepper soda, which causes hilarity, tickling sensation in the throat, and defeat on Jeopardy
HOST:"The spidermonkey is indigenous to...."
"Yes yes yes!"
автор: Corey Thornton-Trump 22 февраля 2007
31 45