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5 definitions by El Holandés Rojo

1) A friendly departure, letting the other party know that their well-being is supported.

2) Means it's time to chill the fuck out.
1) John: See you later!

Timmy: Take it easy.

John: You too.

2) Anal Probe: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Someone with common decency: Take it easy!
автор: El Holandés Rojo 25 октября 2010
39 29
1. The device used by aliens to analyze the human race through their most vulnerable hole, the anus.

2. A red Ford Probe
1. I swear!! The aliens, they abducted me! And then they ANAL PROBED me!!

2. Guy 1: Even though I have no money, the good ol' Probe gets me where I gotta be.

Guy 2: Haha.. Anal Probe..
автор: El Holandés Rojo 25 октября 2010
14 9
The combination of an unsuited Jack and Two as starting cards in Texas Hold 'em.
Wow, you just dealt me Jack Shit.. Literally..
автор: El Holandés Rojo 25 октября 2010
8 3
When you're sittin your ass at home trying to think of what you're missing. You know you won't remember until you're on the highway but you do it anyways.
I know I'm forgetting something!

Quit havin cognitive displaysia pussy.
автор: El Holandés Rojo 11 ноября 2010
2 0
Anyone who saves every penny and is a cheap bastard.
Fine you can have my change, fuckin' Qi Chau.
автор: El Holandés Rojo 25 октября 2010
2 0