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16 definitions by Freddie

To envolove in sexual intercorse with a persons nostril until semen is excreted from that persons ear:
ie fuck someone up the nostril until cum comes out their ears.
Invented by Michael J.M Russell
A woman (or even man) feels like having it up the nostril
автор: Freddie 31 января 2005
12 3
noun: An overly metaphorical, condecending, chatty, egotistical person.
My professor today was being such a Hagstrom.
автор: Freddie 11 мая 2005
3 1
a chodnip is a word used to describe the nipping off of a very long poo before it hits the bottom of the toilet and breaks off naturally and hits ones genitals as it topples over. it can also be used as an insult.
wow i just had to do a chodnip in the toilet,

hey renbear you fucking chodnip, you are more of a chodnip than that roz
автор: freddie 20 октября 2004
1 1
used by noobs who cant reload
автор: Freddie 4 мая 2003
0 0
the ebonic version of "cute" when pronounced in the same fashion as rapper, Chingy, would pronounce it.
I like it when she does it right therrre, she's CURRRT!
автор: Freddie 18 ноября 2003
1 3
The semen left on the hand of your partner after a hand job.
She went to wash her hands. I gave her a nice wedding ring.
автор: Freddie 21 февраля 2005
15 28
hailing from long island , ny. the short lived side project of glassjaw lead singer daryl palumbo
geometry had some good songs, then fell off.
автор: freddie 29 ноября 2004
15 34