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10 definitions by Funk Naz-T

Anglicized attempt at Ebonic slang for of "fuck." Most often heard used by relatively affluent, suburban, caucasian, high school students trying to get "down wit da homies, BIATCH!"
What da fizzuck, homes?! Dat bitch be MY junior prom date, dawg!"
автор: Funk Naz-T 12 августа 2003
21 23
An individual of indeterminate Hispanic origin.
"Sanchez is some kinda' Mexi-Rican. I don't know where he's from, but he don't talk English too good."
автор: Funk Naz-T 11 августа 2003
24 36
An erect male penis. A stiffy. A boner. A hard-on. A woody.
"Lookin' at your sister's ass is givin' me a boinger!"
автор: Funk Naz-T 11 августа 2003
8 27