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3 definitions by GFunk68

somone who does something so bad that they are the official n00b of the day
"hey guys i got "i love mindy" tatoo'd on my nipples"
damnit nick, you're the n00b of the day
автор: GFunk68 5 декабря 2002
33 18
after midnight humor, two kids made it up when one of them kept angering his girlfriend after midnight and laughing about it
damn alison, i getz no play just cuz of that amh?
автор: GFunk68 6 декабря 2002
3 19
to have sex with
yeah jodi said she'd swing with me, then she said she'd meet me at the park.......wtf?
автор: GFunk68 5 декабря 2002
13 43