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Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care; know how they are feeling; to feel nothing. ‘Meh’s can be strung together to highlight the intensity and severity of the unknown non-feeling(s). In this scenario the recipient of the meh meh meh syndrome can be mistakenly perceived as ‘depressed’.
Thor: Mortal maiden, I seek the presence of your lips. I command you to come forth! {smashes plate on floor}
Girl: Meh.
#meh #feeling #non-feeling #nothing #emptiness #thor
автор: Gwendolenalexia 31 июля 2012
An assembly with which to celebrate students ‘achievements’ such as birthdays. –held every Friday afternoon- similar to Mass, but is hosted by a manwho regards himself on par with God like stature, along with a long-haired Science co-ordinator, who, funnily enough, is a bitch; an assembly in which a regimented clap is allowed for a controlled burst of time.
HT: So let’s have on e round of a happy birthday rendition.
{Terrible piano playing ensues, coupled with the vocals to ‘Happy Birthday’ from children… followed by clapping.}
HT: Right! Nathan! You can go sit outside my office, there was no need for that extra-clap of an outburst.
Teacher: Once again, an excellent and most celebratory, ‘Celebratory’ Assembly
#assembly #teacher #school #celebration #celabratory #clapping #mass #birthday
автор: Gwendolenalexia 30 июля 2012
An entire Sunday day which passes where absolutely nothing transpires; A miscreant day which you will never remember; A Sunday which is sullied away to pyjama wearing and not bothering to lift ones arse away from the sofa for more than a toilet visit. The phone does not ring and your mobile is not blessed with anything other than a full battery.
Dan: How was your Sunday? Get up to much?
Garath: Good mate cheers, I had a sod all Sunday.
#sod-all #sunday #weekend #nothing #pyjama day
автор: Gwendolenalexia 31 июля 2012

When you speculate to perceive feelings that are not really there. –Pertaining to ex-boyfriends/girlfriends.
I was at the pub one night and felt like I really missed my ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t have though as he was, very literally, a wanker. It must have been an exuciation.
#ex-boyfriend #ex-girlfriend #hallucination #feelings #speculate
автор: Gwendolenalexia 31 июля 2012
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