103 definitions by JT

A synonym for "idiot"
Don't be such a zurt
автор: JT 8 сентября 2004
A suggested invite to be followed on a whim.
The meeting will be by mandatation only.
автор: JT 30 июня 2004
Slang form of terrible.
Today at work was terebos.
автор: JT 15 апреля 2004
A word that is used in place of an unfamiliar term; word that can take the place of any nontraditional term or phrase.
Caley was upset at the stealing of her beepvoo.
автор: JT 17 февраля 2003
Looking for some help on this one.
He's a bit of a flickster.
автор: JT 15 октября 2004
One who is homosexual without knowing
"Dont be such a Dirla"
автор: JT 31 марта 2005
abriviation for Imaginary PMS
"dude she is being a bitch today, is she raggin"
"No she's got IPMS"
автор: JT 22 февраля 2005

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