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A fan of the Pittsburgh Steeler's that does not live within the city limits of Pittsburgh, PA.

Known for their ignorance to all things sports related. They become easy aggiatated & will verbally assault a stranger wearing another teams' apperal, even if it is not an NFL team.

Working blue-collar jobs, they pride their team on being hard-nosed, carrying lunch pails, a team that will line up and "punch you in the mouth" (which is illegal according to NFL rules).

Quick to chastise an NFL player for being arrested, using steriods or show-boating. Yet, they defend their alcoholic kicker & Superbowl teams of the 70's that were injected with horse steriods.

Any given autumn Sunday, most Steeler fans' can be found at your local Wal-Mart rather than watching the game.

The most common phrases used by a Steeler fan include: "Did we win yesterday?". "oh, do we like him?", "I liked (insert player's name) before anyone else", "What is a blitz package/ safety/ encroachment/ holding penalty."

Suffering from mild to moderate color-blindness. Instisting their team's color are black and gold, when the primary color is obviously yellow.

Insisting to the death that the Steeler are better than your team, but can't back up their statment with a reasonable explaination. Typical Steeler fans can't identify any players from other teams, unless they are regularly shown on SportsCenter or are former Steelers.
"Yesterday, i was accosted by a group of Steeler fan's for wearing my Tampa Bay Rays hoodie"
автор: JiffMart 1 мая 2010
Put down a three (3)

to masturbate.

the third type of male body excretion.

to go number one is to pee. number 2 is to poop. so number three is to release semen from a dude's body.

a person can't "go number three" because, unlike a deuce, it can't just be pushed out of the body. Hence it has to be "put down".
"I was going to return your call, but I was busy putting down a three."

"This video game is so awesome, it makes me want to put down a three."

"That guy Rick is such a loser, I bet he puts down a lot of threes,"
автор: JiffMart 1 мая 2010
the act of masturbating while simultaniously dropping a pooping.

Uusually done on the toilet, but not exclusivly, putting down a Whopper ensures the subject's privacy, and these two vital tasks can be accomplished at one time This leaves the subject with more time to play video games.
"With only on bathroom in Richard's house, he has found it neccesary to start putting down whoppers."

"Richard's face was quite red when he returned from the bathroom. I bet he was putting down a whopper. Oh man this video game is awesome"
автор: JiffMart 1 мая 2010
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