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4 definitions by John Stanley

Partaking in sexual intercourse.
Stanley absolutely touxed that girl last night; the doctor said she won't regain use of her legs for at least 3 months
автор: John Stanley 19 апреля 2004
0 0
No; Definately not
"Did you do your homework John?"
автор: John Stanley 1 апреля 2004
2 2
When added with the word "bitch!" makes the title of the best Chapelle show skit thus far.
"What am I gonna do about my legggggggsss Eddie Murphy?!"
автор: John Stanley 24 апреля 2004
7 11
To be almost as good as Makaveli.
Biggie's flow is sick, but he good flow or not he just cant match up to the G.O.A.T., Makaveli the Don
автор: John Stanley 21 апреля 2004
47 77