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10 definitions by John griffin

A nickname for a girl named Melissa or Melanie. Coolest girl around. She is really down to earth and has a lot of friends. She also has the sexiest booty ever. All guys want to hit that. From behind.
Man, see that booty on that girl? She must be a Mel!
автор: John griffin 13 февраля 2013
68 19
synonym term for 'asshole'
Tom: "How did you do on that test Tuesday?"
Luke: "I didn't study; it fucked me in the mud pussy."


"shut up or I'll fuck you in the mud pussy!"
автор: John Griffin 12 мая 2004
43 20
When you have to pee, but can't. It's constipation of the front.
Lenny: "it don't sound like you're peeing"

John: "It's because I'm peestipated!"
автор: John Griffin 28 мая 2004
5 2
Homosexual person. Synonyms include: fagmo.
"Hey you! Captain K-Y!" That guy's a total Fucking homote.
автор: John Griffin 8 февраля 2004
4 3
term coined by Chris DeBacker meaning 'gay person'
"I'm a homote for not giving Chris credit for the word 'homote', which he made up."
автор: John Griffin 12 мая 2004
3 6
Chewing tobacco
I always watch Conan with a chewah. Where the fuck is my spitter?
автор: John Griffin 8 февраля 2004
0 3
A relentlessly lingering smell, mostly resulting from a rectal emission.
Dude, did you just let a stanger?
автор: John Griffin 9 февраля 2004
9 19