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18 definitions by Kitten

being bold, displaying chutzpah, especially relating to fashion, clothes, hair or makeup.
Girl, work those heels! fierce!
автор: kitten 17 января 2004
631 286
a hooker, slut, tramp.
What a skeeze!

She's been acting real (skeezy)!
автор: kitten 5 октября 2003
136 82
Asian Babe/Caucasian Dork
The oft seen pairing of a (short) asian hottie with an unusually tall, unattractive and dorky white male.
автор: kitten 8 августа 2003
111 73
A word used to describe a really cool, talented, or handsome guy. A jack of all trades.
Wow, did you see John dazzle those two chicks last night? And he fixed my car, too! That guy's a real telenoth.
автор: Kitten 19 декабря 2004
25 4
Closely related to the word Heisendate.

The effect created between two people who were dating when one issues the terms of "needing some space" or "being on a break" or "needing time to sort things out".

The word is a combination of Heisenberg, the scientist famous for his Uncertainty Principle, and the word dumped.
Well, I might be single. I had a boyfriend but the other night he Heisendumped me.
автор: Kitten 17 марта 2005
7 0
a lady whos very cool
whoa stacie you total wise munch!
автор: kitten 18 марта 2005
8 4
she's everything i ever want and i love her soooo much
look its hev (swoon) xxxxxxxxx
автор: kitten 16 ноября 2004
29 25