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13 definitions by MAD ANGEL

Something that really gets into motion
very quickly or is lightening fast.ie
like shit through a goose.
His new set of wheels goes like like
shit through a goose.

Get the hell out of here or I'll call
security and you'll be out of here faster than shit through a goose!
автор: MAD ANGEL 15 августа 2005
58 17
a womans smelly vagina,after a big sex workout.
after being at it all night I told her to have a shower and get rid of the
автор: MAD ANGEL 24 июля 2005
16 6
A person who continiously keeps his hands in his pockets to play with his testicals.
Hey what's the new guy in the football
team like?I heard he was a pocket boxer.
автор: MAD ANGEL 12 августа 2005
8 2
When driving to put it into nuetral so you save gas especially when coasting down hill.
Keep the fuel gauge full put it into angel gear !
автор: MAD ANGEL 15 августа 2005
16 11
A term used to ask women to suck your penis and swallow.
Hey, girls do you wanna come turkey
shooting with us,we'll shoot and you'll
автор: MAD ANGEL 15 августа 2005
8 4
Get out of here,like this is the end,
likening to pulling a pin out of a grenade-the end let's all leave !
I went to Jed's party but I had to pull the pin at eleven o'clock because I started work early the next day.

This party sucks lets pull the pin!
автор: MAD ANGEL 8 августа 2005
17 15
Just another of many names for a poofter or gay man.
Lets get out of here these pricks are all log pushers!

I'm not going to that gym any more it's full of log pushers.
автор: MAD ANGEL 15 августа 2005
5 4