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4 definitions by Nene

A bosnian is a person from bosnia i hercegovina, Bosanka,Bosanac mean girl adn boy bosnian
I am from sarajevo (bosnia) therefor I am Bosnian
автор: Nene 1 декабря 2004
A weasly rat faced piece of shit who thinks the every one around him is at his disposal.
The sneaky one exclaimed "hey youz guyzez, do everything forz me sozez I don't lookz like a grande turd."
автор: Nene 30 июня 2003
When something is B-bobbin shizle biscuit; flattering; amazing; cool; nice.
"Hey... that shirt is monkey funky!"
автор: Nene 10 декабря 2003
the coolest girl around!
"Eyyo Nene... sup?!"
автор: Nene 10 декабря 2003