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After you stop taking Vicodin for a long period of time...(more than 2 weeks usage)...you will have to take a large dump !!! This is after you have slept for 24 - 36 hours straight. Also the same effect from prolonged use of Oxycodone, Methedone, Heroine or any Opiate.
If you have seen the movie TRAINSPOTTING you'll remember ... EWAN MCGREGOR ... Mark "Rent Boy" Renton ... Heroin makes you constipated. The heroin from my last hit was fading ... I'm no longer constipated !!! "I just took a huge Vicodump !!!"
автор: OneHairyGuy 14 июля 2009
Usually in the deep south, redneck or black person with fewer than 10 teeth what they would call an AMBULANCE.
Redneck 1: Yo dun shot my cuzzin!

Redneck 2: Betta call da amblance!
автор: OneHairyGuy 13 июля 2009
Picture this:
Usually when a wingman or wingwoman brings thier friend a fuck buddy with no strings attached to the bar/party. ie... Free Shipping ... This girl or guy must be somewhat attractive. Your bar mate would do her or him but is with someone else at the present time. Free Shipping is best done when the "Shipee" is stoned, drunk or getting back at thier boy/girlfriend for cheating.
Scenario for Free Shipping...it's a stretch so bear with it...

3 people are out at a random pub...2 guys, 1 girl. Girl "Dora" and guy "Dick" who are dating go outside for a smoke or to score some drugs, leaving other guy alone. We will call him "Single Sam." The daters, "Dora & Dick", find a Cute Girl for Single Sam....

Single Sam: Alone at the bar staring at his coaster....
Dora & Dick: Smoking outside when Cute Girl asks for a ciggy...after pleasantries and small talk Dora and Dick find out Cute Girl is "On The Prowl."

Dora: "You'd like my friend Single Sam. He's just inside."
Dick: "I'll buy you a drink, Coke, X... if you shag Sam."
Cute Girl: "I could go for a roll in the hay...let me see this Sam."

Dick: Talking to Sam, "I found this Cute Girl for you. She's nice, cool and is willing to shag you. Totally Free Shipping dude. Hit me on my mobile in the morning with all the details."
автор: OneHairyGuy 14 июля 2009
When one member of a same-sex long term relationship visits thier family alone.

When a bi-sexual man or woman goes on a vacation and has exclusive sex within his or her gender.
Victor: Hey Steve? Where's your man Mike ??
Steve: He went to visit his parents, alone !
Victor: So Mike is on a Gaycation ??
Steve: That bitch !!
автор: OneHairyGuy 13 июля 2009
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