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35 definitions by Psycho Bitch

A judge on Pop Idol and American Idol. He has a strange liking for high trousers and he is disliked because he is honest to stupid crap wannabes who can't sing.
The stupid twat cried after Simon Cowell told him he was a pile of shit.
автор: psycho bitch 14 марта 2004
1381 195
What you go through when your aged between 10-18.
Girls grow tits, start their periods and grow pubic hair.
Boys grow pubes and facial hair, their dicks get bigger and they get sperm.
I hate puberty.
автор: psycho bitch 14 марта 2004
1157 294
A kid who wants everything they see... and they cry and scream thir heads off until they get it.
My cousin Jodie is the biggest brat I know.
автор: psycho bitch 2 марта 2004
392 71
A babies' program that has 4 weird fat things called Tinky Winky, Dipsy, LaLa and Po. They are 4 different colours, Purple, Green, Yellow and Red. They live in a strange looking house that is in the middle of a field, and they have a Sun which has a baby head on it.
The Teletubbies are one weird program.
автор: Psycho Bitch 15 апреля 2004
276 73
A sentence that has every letter in the alphabet on it.
No example.
автор: Psycho Bitch 14 апреля 2004
140 32
A book that you can write all your thoughts and feelings in.
You can also write evil stuff about the people you hate.
People like to read other peoples' diaries.
My cousin went mad when she found out that I read her diary.
автор: psycho bitch 13 марта 2004
134 40
Like a little guitar with a bow. Sounds quite nice is it's played properly, but it's played wrong you feel like smacking the person whos playing it around the head.
Gareth was playing the violin and it sounded terrible, so I bust his nose.
автор: psycho bitch 1 марта 2004
259 181