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4 definitions by RoZeS

Best team. Always and Forever

by the way this is Ivana not RoZeS....haha
"Those Sacramento Kings are really somethin..."
автор: RoZeS 30 октября 2003
85 60
Short for Lancaster, PA
"I'm coming up to Lanc this week.."
автор: RoZeS 30 октября 2003
29 7
To suck a guys dick
" I can't beleive Mike actually wanted Jezebel to swap him off!"
автор: RoZeS 30 октября 2003
5 1
To sexually arouse a woman. Getting her wet and and staying under.
"Josh, came over....and he went swimming in my bed."
автор: RoZeS 25 октября 2003
6 17