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4 definitions by Rune User

Someone who plays bazball, aka has sex with men, or plays with their balls.
God that fag is such a damn bazballplayer.
автор: Rune User 16 августа 2006
A very annoying, power abusing person.
"President Bush is such a bazmeister."
автор: Rune User 13 августа 2006
To be a "fag" or being "gay"
Also the act of being gay.
God my friend is such a damn bazinator..He keeps asking me to go out with him.
автор: Rune User 16 августа 2006
Being "fucking awesome" or a "straight up pimp."

"God Chad is such a rune user..This girl was calling him names and he bitch slapped her and asked for his money."
автор: Rune User 17 августа 2006