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13 definitions by Special K

Usually the outcome of anal intercourse. When a humongous penis is taken out of the anus, it results in an equally big, if not bigger, twitching asshole.
John fucked julie in her ass and turned it into a gaping meathole
автор: special k 11 апреля 2005
80 29
A slang term for a person who likes to orally pleasure hispanic women.
man...what is with jeff and dating all those mexican chicks? I don't know but i think he might be a good taco eater.
автор: special K 28 августа 2006
27 16
A demographic term referring to Macintosh computer users. Preferred over the pejorative term, “Mac People.”
Everytime I go over to the graphic design department I see all kinds of Apple-Americans nestled behind their monitors.
автор: Special K 28 июля 2004
17 6
the lower pelvic bone in females
i'm just bustin' your vaginox
автор: Special K 25 февраля 2005
9 1
A girl that is good looking, and knows it. The not quite opposite of Nundra
That woman is Shte, but she's a dopefiend and a roller.
автор: Special K 12 декабря 2003
6 0
the lower pelvic bone in a female
you're busting my vaginox
автор: Special K 23 февраля 2005
4 1
who knows what this means... believed to originate from chancellors school, herts, england.
probably from the phrase 'bothered'.
some stupid idiot thought it made sense and it caught on.
Person 1: Oh no, you havn't done your homework.
Person 2 (chav): bothered cream
автор: special k 8 апреля 2005
4 2