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8 definitions by Steve!

a sport very near to skate boarding, but involes you screaming down hills at any speed up to around 45mph
longboarding ig great! everyone shud get a longboard
автор: steve! 18 апреля 2005
363 80
Possibly the coolest comic strip in Ohio. It's actually about stuffed animals and cats. And sometimes tequila.
Today I read Achewood and nearly spit milk out my nose!
автор: Steve! 12 февраля 2003
94 22
Basically you read the book and give Tom Cruise all your money. Also Maynard doesn't like you.
Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and fuck all his clones.
автор: Steve! 12 февраля 2003
104 53
Nectar of the gods. If you know where to acquire some please contact Steve.
Dude if you had Tahiti Treat I would lick it off your body.
автор: Steve! 12 февраля 2003
63 26
A word used when someoen does a completely morronic thing.
Geez man, did you just pull a Shorty87?
автор: Steve! 9 июля 2003
4 7
Someone with too much time on their hands.
Whoever wrote these stupid comics is such a m0g.
автор: Steve! 12 февраля 2003
4 11
some thing that happens when you put food up your butt, and comes out your mouth.
"God! I have to take a poop!" *opens mouth* *blah* "ahh relief!"
автор: Steve! 22 сентября 2003
15 26