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4 definitions by Superdave22

A Pedosmile is an awkward and/or creepy smile portrayed on someones face. This can be either on a picture or seen in real life. A Pedosmile does not necessarily label someone a pedophile but just that they shouldn't smile because it can be taken that they are.
Hey Dan check out Robs "Pedosmile" in his picture, he looks down right creepy.
автор: Superdave22 9 ноября 2010
20 7
The art of taking someone elses nasal spray and anally inserting it for the next poor soul with a stuffed nose
Dave: I just stuck Tre's nasal spray in my ass
Jake: Aww dude Assfrin, that's gross
Tre: Why does my nasal spray smell like Daves Ass?
автор: Superdave22 15 декабря 2010
7 0
A term used in baseball when someone has very bad gas in a dugout.
Mark: Who the hell farted?
Joe: That was me, I guess you could say I hit a "Foul Bowel"
автор: Superdave22 15 декабря 2010
2 0
Something that is really cool or awesome
Yo man that movie was diesel
автор: Superdave22 19 января 2008
15 18