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40 definitions by Whitney

when you see a hot hot person
oh girl he's looking real business
автор: Whitney 25 декабря 2004
1 2
a female who like to swallow cum and afterwards give her partner a french kiss.
Yo, dat bidnite sucked my dick and then tried to kiss me...ugh.
автор: whitney 6 ноября 2004
6 7
tedious or obsessive to the point of being ridiculous
She has such high standards for men that her objections are practically Seinfeldian.
автор: Whitney 6 февраля 2004
16 17
to have money and spend it freely or like a baller
chingys song powerballin
автор: WHITNEY 20 марта 2005
7 9
hahahahaha i commented hahahahahahaha
um definition?!?!? .... oh shit
ugly ron is my homeboy
автор: whitney 26 сентября 2003
3 5
a combination of sketchy and random
wow that dude in the corner watching me is skandom.
автор: whitney 9 декабря 2004
3 7
A unusually large penis or refrence to size normally in a large context
coming from a boy whos penis was 3 potatos long or 3 female fists
patay coming from the derivative patato
That boy has a 3 patay or who big is your patay? Is it a 2 or 1 and a half patay
автор: Whitney 1 апреля 2003
3 7