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1 definition by Willow Rush

A fanfiction written by Darkacid, also known as Caitlyn Amshel, and Acidic Blossom. It can be found on ficwad.com. Stanza features Thorn Night, a blond bombshell that never, EVER, loses a fight. She is a troubled teenager coming from an abusive family that consists of her father and stepmother, Gerard Way, an artsy senior, and the eccentric, vampire-esque brother of her boyfriend, Mikey Way, the adorable, innocent, naive, sweet, glasses wearing boy that insists on wearing a beanie covering the hair that he straightens every morning. Along with Thorn, there is another new boy in town. Frank Iero, the skittles obsessed, hyper, energiser-bunny of a boy that just so happens to fall in love with Gerard. Mikey confesses his love to Thorn, giving Frank the courage to let go of his hesitation. But despite the happy days that the four teenagers seem to spend together, each has their secrets. And those secrets, should they be unleashed, could destroy everything that the OutKasts have built together, reducing their lives to a pile of rubble.
"Stanza, a fanfiction by Caitlyn Amshel."
"What the heck is that?"
"Oh, its this frerard that I found on ficwad!"
"What's frerard?"
*Facepalms, sighing*
"Its Frank and Gerard, honey."
"Oooooooohhhhhhhh... What's smut then?"
*gets wide eyed and paniky* "Look it up on Urban Dictionary!"
"Fine, sheesh!"
автор: Willow Rush 18 октября 2011