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1. blunts filled with crack, weed and herion

2. Street name for methamphetamine that can be taken by snorting

3. Wiz or Wizer is street slang for the drug Speed
man that dealer hooked me up with some killer wiz.

yo my man we were chillin by the day smokin a wiz

He is wired on wiz at the moment
автор: ABSOLUTE 17 февраля 2008
A medical procedure where they analyze urine for evidence of drug use.

British MORONICs for a drug "TEST": It's not wiz "TEST" you fucking brit-morons. NOTE: You notice they say drug"TEST" then turn around say it isn't a "TEST". It is supposedly a prep quiz for the real "TEST"? No one gets a quiz before the real test, idiots.
I gotta take a "wiz TEST" for my P.O.
I know I'll fail cuz I done smoked major weed bro.

I lost my job because I "TESTED" positive for marijuanna on my wiz quiz.
автор: ABSOLUTE 17 февраля 2008
1. A mutual act of tenderness in which one fills a partners rectum with Cheez Whiz for lubrication and then fucks them in the ass. This is followed by the tasty Cheez being sucked or licked off the lucky cock. This is often followed up with a Salisbury Spritz.

2. "Old Salisburian Style" Wiz Dog is similar except that one uses a pastry bag to increase the volume and depth of Cheez Whiz in the recipient's ass and one finishes with a pearl necklace that is summarily licked clean.
"Hey, John, how was your date?"
"Man! That girl is a freak! Not only does she like it in the ass, she let me give her a Wiz dog."
автор: ABSOLUTE 17 февраля 2008
A group of sickass kids that love to drink piss, piss on each other and eat shit in Rutherford new Jersey, famous for wizing on themselfs and licking the shit out of lyndhurst kids asses.

Enjoy messing with these losers. They can't even find themselfs let alone their way home!.

But, You should keep a bit of distance or you'll get some of their WIZ Skank on you!

Most famous for when they stand in a cirlce and Wiz/piss on each other. WIZketeers go around wizing on anything, everything and love to eat shit.

weapon of choice: WIZ/piss, Tongue and lips

origin: Wizzer Skank, Skankland, Wizroom, bathroom
Yo, there goes those WIZ Skank WIZketeers grab a water hose, we'll threaten to clean them up and then we can watch them run like hell?

No way dude I just took a bath and I don't want any of that wizketeers on me!

weapon of choice: WIZ/piss, Tongue and lips

origin: Wizzer Skank, wizeteria, Skankland, Wizroom, bathroom
автор: absolute 23 января 2011
1. A place to urinate.

2. Usually a rest room or bathroom facility.

3. A place to deposit liquid waste.
John used the back seat of Sally's car as a Wiz station. Boy was Sally Wized!
автор: ABSOLUTE 29 июня 2009
Whizards are the wisest of the magic users, for the whizards are often the oldest of the Sorcerers, and often the most skilled.

The Whizards take to more practical forms of magic, and try to solve problems with the least application of magic as possible.

An honored title bestowed on a master computer programmer by other computer programmers, one of the highest possible titles.
Whizzard mispelled by lower IQ persons. Proper spelling is Whizard.

Double z' usually used by half asleep idiots. Such as wizz=PISS, proper wiz=URINE/PISS. Of course you must have an IQ above 50 to know the difference between Whiz=INTELLECTUAL and wiz="to take a wiz"

No examples needed, if you have an IQ above 50 you know what this means.
автор: absolute 23 января 2011
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