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3 definitions by bendy girl

Attractive girls that do yoga. (Most guys fantasy g/f).

Did you check out those bendy girls coming out of the yoga class...
автор: bendy girl 26 августа 2006
106 23
Being surrounded or looking at a group of highly attractive and supple girls/women.
Guy: Hey, I did yoga last night at the gym, wow, I was surrounded by a whole room of bendy girls.

Other Guy: Yeah, I think I'll have to attend, them bendygirls sure are hot.

автор: bendy girl 26 августа 2006
33 5
A girl that is highly sought by guys. Attractive and generally does yoga and other activities like dance.
Wow, did you see that bendygirl coming out of the gym.
автор: bendy girl 26 августа 2006
35 12