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I don't even know, NOT EVEN LYING.
автор: billybillyohbilly 21 августа 2009
A shortened term for the Magic Bus of Manchester
"Right, the majy's here!"
автор: billybillyohbilly 20 января 2008
A shortened word for the supermarket MORRISONS
Goin' ta morri'z!!!

Bin ta morri'z!!!
автор: billybillyohbilly 17 января 2008
A shortened term for the word SAUSAGES. Coined by Samantha Whitham
"What shall I have for dinner tonight?"
автор: billybillyohbilly 20 января 2008
1.) A shortened term for FISH FINGERS
2.) A shortened term for Finglands Buses
"What shall I have for tea tonight?"

"What bus is this?"
"A fingys one."
автор: billybillyohbilly 20 января 2008
A NOOGA is and can be an indescribable object in Gunter's bedroom.
"The dog was barking this morning. It was doing ma NOOGA in."
автор: billybillyohbilly 11 сентября 2008
If something is well good, its sick 'ed mate
"We're going to the cinema tonight!"
"Sick 'ed mate!"
автор: billybillyohbilly 19 января 2008

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