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16 definitions by chitsb

A popular curse word used in South India. It is not an abusive word, but a swear word similar to "dang" or "drat"
Ayyo! a traffic jam when I'm already late to work!
автор: chitsb 9 января 2009
30 12
a general feeling of weirdness, or the sound your tummy makes when it is upset
"I am feeling very qwae qwae"

"My stomach must be upset cos it keeps going qwae"
автор: chitsb 9 января 2009
13 1
a person who likes to be a part of a gang or a group and loses his/her own identity thereof
"Oh so now all of them wear black because it is the 'group' colour eh? What a bunch of gangrene groupies!"
автор: chitsb 9 января 2009
15 3
the combination of a dufus and a moron
"Bart, you're not just a dufus, you're a dufus moronicus."
автор: chitsb 9 января 2009
12 0
Stretching exercises than may end you up in a stretcher
"Our yoga master keeps telling us to stretch. I'm scared this will end up becoming another form of stretchercise"
автор: chitsb 9 января 2009
11 0
Anything that is highly hilarious
His high-jump was highlarious!
автор: chitsb 30 декабря 2008
16 5
The act of getting high by snorting cocaine placed on your knuckles.
Those knuckle-heads were on a white knuckle ride all night!
автор: chitsb 25 января 2011
10 0