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5 definitions by earthlover42

A 750ml bottle of beer.
taking its name from one of our larger, beautiful & highly venomous snakes, The King Brown.
Also see wife beater
Fuck me & some M8s got stuck into the king browns last night fuck I was pissed & feel a bit seedy today
автор: earthlover42 27 июня 2005
19 4
what many people who have ideas based in hatered do.
george bush is spouting his dribble dick hate filled retoric yet again
автор: earthlover42 29 июня 2005
8 7
physically refers to liquid escaping from the penis & thus a very unsavoury distasteful irritaing undesirable thing or character
Used in reference to someone who doesn't have a grasp on reality.
Or runs off at the mouth spouting brainless retoric & causing a lot of senseless pain & waste of life
As in george bush is a dead set dribble dick.
автор: earthlover42 29 июня 2005
5 4
someone who speaks without the neccessary brain functions required proir to speaking
The fundimentalists are running off at the mouth again with their dribble dick hatered
автор: earthlover42 29 июня 2005
3 6
750ml bottle of beer in Australia.
also see king brown
slipped into some wife beaters last night was a fucking nice drop too
автор: earthlover42 27 июня 2005
4 16