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5 definitions by faisal

A female with an insatiable appetite for cock, especially in the oral and anal cavities.
She fucked a homeless dude? What a turbo slut.
автор: Faisal 26 февраля 2004
A girl who is hot enough to deserve the full attention and dedication of your cock.
R. Kelly: "Look at that tight young girl leaving that middle school. She is definitely boneworthy."
автор: Faisal 26 марта 2004
western oregons area code
im livin in the 971 bitch
автор: faisal 22 апреля 2005
fucked face with gold teeth from sanyaara
a agy boy called tind with golden teeth from the jewwelers
автор: faisal 7 мая 2004
New in Box, meaning brand new and never used
I saw a few NIB items up on ebay last night.
автор: Faisal 30 июня 2004