8 definitions by jkentos

an invitation for sex
you wanna hop on top?
автор: jkentos 1 марта 2009
sarcastic response to bad news
thrillsville (response)
автор: jkentos 20 января 2009
The current economic crisis
More bad news today from Fall Street
автор: jkentos 2 марта 2009
when something turns out bad
that's just greato potato
автор: jkentos 1 марта 2009
An individual who defines their self worth by getting drunk on single malt scotch.
A single male orders top shelf spirits in a bar to comphensate for a lack of female companionship illustrating his topshelfworth.
автор: jkentos 14 февраля 2009
The art if talking on and on about nothing.
My boss is starting his blabism again
автор: jkentos 14 февраля 2009
A field of research envolving the science of failure
investigates cases of males living in their mothers basements.
автор: jkentos 14 февраля 2009

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