4 definitions by joosy poosy

An offensive word that represents aussies.
fucking skips!
автор: joosy poosy 4 мая 2003
a man without a dick.
Oi Sam! go for it man it that shit, or are you dickless?
автор: joosy poosy 4 мая 2003
A person who is addicted to playing themselves.
John is a wanker.
автор: joosy poosy 4 мая 2003
A person who loves another person of the same sex.

Man: noticable when they wear female dresses. noticable when they talk like chicks.
A chick with a dick.
John, can you take that thing of yours out of my ass?
автор: joosy poosy 22 мая 2003

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