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4 definitions by kcynic

The south side of Chicago, having a large black/hispanic population, and notorious for being a dangerous slum since the 1920s. Also the location of the University of Chicago.
Dem south side niggaz cap yo ass no joke.
автор: kcynic 5 октября 2006
the way black southerners pronounce "south side".
I'm from da souf side.
автор: kcynic 5 октября 2006
A universal adjective which may indicate contentment or discontent in something, or that a certain event is, has been, or will be enjoyable, boring, fun, painful or exciting.
Last night was utterly ridiculous.
автор: kcynic 23 июля 2006
cheap or poorly grown pot.
Don't smoke that skunk pot man, those beaners trucked it in in a fucking exhaust pipe!
автор: kcynic 23 июля 2006