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Getting drunk. Used by fresh-off-boat (F.O.B) Sri Lankans when they first come to America.
Man I got majorly cocked last night!

If putting emphasis...
Man I got maaaaaajorly cocked last night!
автор: SNthemanfromMDandNY 9 мая 2006
More than Black, more than afrocentric - BLACKFROCENTRIC! That means' your blacker than black! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING ultimately revolves or is directly related to Africa's history and the Black people that inhabit the motherland.
After taking several courses in African-American studies, Jameel has become quite blackfrocentric in his zeal towards Black purpose.
автор: snthemanfrommdandny 26 декабря 2010
Acknowledgement during a conversation. "uh HUH" can mean yes, no, OK, what, and why. Can also be used to interupt a person while he/she is speaking to you. Used by fresh-off-boat Sri Lankans when they first arrive in America.

Should be said as loud as possible. Say "uh" and then in a loud, high pitch say "HUH"! Also, make a confused or unacknowledging face when saying it. Term is used to make the person speaking to you go crazy.
Police Officer: "Sir, your blood alcohol level is 2x the legal limit. I'm going to have to take you to jail."
You: "uh HUH!"

Friend: "Hey man, can you pick me up from work tommorow?"
You: "uh HUH!"

Crazy Guy on Street: "The apocalypse is coming! Everybody run for your lives!"
You: "uh HUH!"

автор: SNthemanfromMDandNY 9 мая 2006
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