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Cretinous moron music made by equally cretinous bedroom dj's. Named after the occupants of the city that spawned it - liverpool. Usually consists of cheesy female vocal overlaid with 'my first mixtape' style drum sample. Enjoyed by dickheads.
scouse-house, the music designed and listened to exclusively by dickheads.
автор: the masked nanker 28 августа 2006
Inventor and main purveyor of ridiculous music form known as 'grunge', a form of piss poor heavy metal characterised by moaning beardy singers who bellow like pregnant hippos and wear plaid shirts.
kurt cobain - the inventor of grunge.
автор: the masked nanker 28 августа 2006
A complete hellhole. A town full of sordid, tango-tanned scrubbers and thick, ignorant, aggressive scallies. If you've ever seen the Burt Reynolds film 'Deliverance you'll have some idea what these people are like. These slackjawed, shaven-headed morons (otherwise known as 'friendly, witty scousers') are amongst the most violent and bigoted people on the planet. If you have the misfortune to live here ( and I do), for god's sake don't show any individuality, and try not to be from an ethnic background because they'll very probably kill you. Laughably this dump was awarded 'European City of Culture' for 2008, notwithstanding the fact that its so-called 'culture' consists of the 'Beatles' who left here in 1963 and never came back, and some of the worst clubs on earth playing the cretinous 'scouse-house'. Here are some tips for fitting in if you have the bad luck to end up here. These tips should ensure survival:

1. wear a tracksuit (women may wear pyjamas)
2. shave your head (women should be bottle blond)
3. develop a guttural whine (both sexes)
4. gob on the floor frequently (experts recommend at least every 10 steps) (both sexes)
5. try not to finish a sentence without using the F word at least fourteen times (again, both sexes)
6. steal anything that isn't nailed down
7. talk in an extremely loud voice (as you're so 'witty' everyone will want to hear your opinions)
8. glare at everyone in a threatening manner, especially students, 'goths' and anyone perceived to be'gay'
9. Call anyone not wearing a tracksuit 'gay' then beat them up
10. tell everyone how 'scousers are the friendliest people in the world aren't they though?'
The earth has to have an arse and Liverpool is it.
автор: the masked nanker 28 августа 2006
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