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15 definitions by von struedelburg

a mixture of audacity and selfishness.
It took alot of burgosity to show up at the party uninvited, eat all the food, and leave without saying a word to anyone.
автор: von struedelburg 5 сентября 2013
19 -4
a person who is yonger than you and has alot to learn.
You are young sonnyrumpus and will one day be able to to that.
автор: von struedelburg 23 августа 2013
10 -2
reaching up your rectum between points in a tennis match
He has a nervous habit of nadaling and I think he is getting shit on the ball.
автор: von struedelburg 11 сентября 2013
7 -1
another word for a joint of marajuana
Pass the stuckleroo so I can take a hit.
автор: von struedelburg 27 августа 2013
6 0
with the advent of the vaporizer the word CLOUD is used to refer to the vapor inside the clear plastic bag attachedment because it looks like a cloud and is wáter inside the bag rather than smoke.
hey dude, stop bogarting the bag and pass it over here while there is still some cloud in there.
автор: von struedelburg 18 октября 2013
3 0
a post of something on Facebook or Twitter which is quickly deleted if the person posting it does not get any "likes," or postivie comments.
I keep flash posting that picture of me in a bathing suit but when no ones says anything, i delete it again.
автор: von struedelburg 23 сентября 2013
5 2
the state of depression brought on by a person who is selfish and audacious
He kept talking so loud and about himself. By the end of the night I was burgosafied.
автор: von struedelburg 5 сентября 2013
3 0