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4 definitions by youmightknowme

An urban movement designed to scare people from narking or cooperating with police...the stupidest thing ever created....this is what happens when criminals have an idea
Stupid motherfucker from the hood: My daughter just got raped and I know who did it...I should tell the police but I know the rules.....STOP SNITCHIN!
автор: youmightknowme 19 марта 2008
77 20
The only garaunteed form of birth control.
You're pregnant again!?! Go get the fucking clothes hanger!

Abortion = birth control
автор: youmightknowme 19 марта 2008
59 78
A person who finds pleasure from cutting themselves. They usually do this while listening to shitty music. A cutter can be identified as a young man wearing girls' pants (this is a dead giveaway).
Girls' pants....black hair....vintage tees.....emo music.... yep must be a cutter!
автор: youmightknowme 19 марта 2008
20 80
Quite possibly the shittiest band ever.
Guy 1 - Whats that strange noise? It sounds like someone is choking on a dick.

Guy 2 - Oh thats just my sister listening to the new danger radio cd. She likes to listen to it while she cuts.
автор: youmightknowme 19 марта 2008
28 93