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A variable of the ^.^ or ^_^ face. Most coming from someone who is trying to cuten up the face by adding whiskers. This gives a cat like effect.
user 1 : Did you see the kitty??
user 2 : w00t.. lookit teh kitty =^.^=
автор: Robin 31 марта 2005

Слова, связанные с =^.^=

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(n) A Japanese emoticon symbolizing a cat. This icon is called a "neko" for those who are deeply immersed in the Japanese Culture. To use this emoticon, wait for someone to say something that you wish to respond to with a cute smile.

note: this is most commonly used by females. this can be used as an answer to a question or comment, or however else you wish to use an emoticon.
Girl: egads, I have a shit load of homework...

Boy: -virtual hug!!-

Girl: (=^.^=) awwww!!
автор: <(o.0;)> 16 октября 2008
kitty smiles. like neko or anime wink. mean your happy,joyful,playful,excited...etc
Person:hi friend whats up!

Me:hi long time no see! =^.^=

person:wanna play a game? =^.^=

Me:sure why not?

автор: CatDemonz 22 мая 2010