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A girl who was mis-judged and doesn't deserve all the crap she's getting. She was doing what everyone else was doing at the time..she's actually kinda cute.
You know, people need to stop hating on the poor 1:24 Girl.
автор: Xenarphos 12 мая 2009

Слова, связанные с 1:24 Girl

0:46 girl cow slut whore 1:24 bitch boyle britain's got talent girl haters misjudged susan
An evil little slag who judged a book by its cover. 1:24 girls snarl in an evil manner at less attractive looking people as they aim to start their dreams.

1:24 girls are not very nice or attractive people - they are generally just vile scum.

They also known as '0:46 girl'
Have you ever judged a book by its cover?

No, I'm not a spiteful 1:24 girl
автор: ajjcj 23 сентября 2010