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50 centz son, was on VHI celebrity kids
reporter: whatz ya sonz rap name 50?

50: 25 cent datz ma boi
автор: 50 gurl 28 мая 2006

Слова, связанные с 25 cent

25 25 cents cent five quarter - 2 5 btls bubba fifty get i money sponge the. love two two five two-five z
Associate Producer on the Bubba the Love Spong show on Sirius Sat. Radio Channel 101, Only Black Man On Show
25 cent come down to the studio.
автор: mdfmk 16 сентября 2006
n. What Haitians always offer to you when they are trying to buy something from your garage sale
Haitian: How much for this lamp?
You: Umm, 5 dollars.
Haitian: How about 25 cents?
автор: pornopornolalalalalala 20 сентября 2008
half the crap and half the rap.
yo just wanna be like 50'! o yea nigga? cut the 25 cent bitch!
автор: 2PACDRDREEMINEM50 29 мая 2003
underground rapper who wants to be jus like his hero 50 cent
25 cent BITCH! aka 2 dimes and a nickel
автор: JEW 24 марта 2003