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Average S.A.T. test score for the 'urban' inner-city kids (ie blacks) that started this dopey reference to police presense.
Yo, dat b da poliz fewl dey iz da 5.0.
автор: Patrick Woods 14 октября 2006
41 75
When a girl gently plays with a mans balls, even sucking on them, then at the spur of the moment, when a guy is errected, she pulls his dick, as if she wanted to rip it off and chew on it ferrociously. When saying 50, one must make their voice very deep and masculine compared to the rest of the sentence.
Guess what pat and mauyvaline did this weekend? 50.
When Mary and Pat where getting busy, she 50'd him, and that is why it is hard for him to walk today.
автор: 25+25= 50 25 мая 2007
8 45
small displacement high compression gm small blocks. either 305 or 307 cubic inches. anywhere from 150-180 horsepower.
"its a 5.0"
"oh mustangs are cool"
"no its a caprice you weenie."
автор: sdkfhskdjfhksjdfsdf 6 октября 2006
18 56
pronounced: "five-point-O"

The highest GPA(Grade-Point Average) possibly achievable, assuming you take an Honors class and aced every single test, got 106%s on assignments, et cetera. Known as an ‘A++’.
OMFG A 5.0!!!!! PERFECT!!” *does teh happy dance*
автор: Victor Van Styn 3 сентября 2005
10 49
50 Cent's IN DA CLUB: "In da hood then the ladies saying "50 you hot!" ".
автор: Fangsta 19 марта 2003
22 69
during the late 80's and early 90's, cops drove the 5.0 crown victoria. Thats where it got its name from
автор: Lehem Woldezghi 22 октября 2003
12 86
Pigs drive 5.0 liter crown victorias thats where the word 50 came from
автор: From the 203 2 сентября 2003
11 87