Kick ass gun made by a russian weapons designer by the name of Kalashnikov. It's the weapon of choice of the third world, dictator militias in developing countries, coup d'etats, gangs, and just about anyone who wants an inexpensive, durable, SMG performance rifle that's feared by every law enforcement group in the world (except for russian police, AK's are a standard issue there).

They fire the mid-sized but powerful 7.62x39 mm round at a mid-range fire rate, but the shiznit they punch out makes an american m-4 look like it's airsoft counterpart. This advantage is even complimented with the ease of use of the gun, easy found ammo, and durability of the carbine. You can literally throw a kalashnikov in the mud and stuff it with sand and fire it after without any jamming or messing of the barrel.
However, the AK isn't much of of a long range advocate. With open iron sights and warping wood stocks, you can't really trust the aim of the gun at any moment. But hell, that's where the phrase "spray and sweep" gets it's name from. Unload a 30 clip in the general direction of your target and your bound to put at least 5 rounds into em.
1) ...Oh, shit, it's Wayne Brady! The man's gotta AK! run for it-Kak! kak! kak!... (gets shot thrice in the back from the drive by)

2) hah, look at this, just got this new AK-47 from Don Jose in Monterrey. He buys 'em straight cash from Cuba: $150 a piece. Can't beat it...

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автор: Mickgriddle 11 ноября 2006
Shitty gun that not even sandniggers use any more. This doesnt stop cod kiddies from thinking it's the most popular gun to ever exist.
Normal person:Except no one uses Ak47s you autistic fuck
#sandnigger #cod kiddie #cod #gun #shitty
автор: jjr51802 4 февраля 2014
some dank ass chronic weed.
i just smoked a dime of this AK-47 shit by myself. and ive got massive shakes
#shakes #dime #weed #dank #chronic
автор: ~420420420~ 6 октября 2011
The hallmark of the assault rifle, everyone knows about it, even the yuppies who live next door. It never jams, you can literally pop open the bolt, pinch a loaf in there and it'll still shoot. It has sights that can be used up to 800m away, and it can put groups at 3-4 inches at 100yards. It answers the question of "what if i drop my gun in the mud, and a truck runs it over?" this gun is perfect for the wanna be terrorist, as for me ill take my AK over any American made Ar-15. In my opinion, the AK can enhance your cap-busting abilities
un-educated redneck: "i love mer' EM SExtine!

educated redneck: "fuck you ill take my AK47"
#guns #gun #amazing #accurate #skeet #sights #gas #ammo #7.62
автор: educated redneck 1 июня 2011
Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947. A gun made in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Very cheap. Has the best qualities of M1 Garand and StG 44. uses 7.62 × 41mm ammo. Widely used by terorists and soldiers of poor countries because of absurd cheapness and hy reliability. Reliability comes from lost of free space between parts inside the gun and cromed oparts (chromed parts are now in most of military weapons). Has absurd ammount of modifications, the most common is AK-74. Also, the latest versions use NATO rounds. Still, all AK look almost alike.
Weapon taht has made a tremendous impact to wolrd history and culture.
AK-47: Shoot your way to freedom
#ak-47 #ak-74 #ak-101 #ak-103 #ak-107 #ak-108
автор: JcDent 12 июня 2006
A weapon of remarkable simplicity and reliability. Though not as accurate as a Colt, it will continue to function effectively in adverse environmental conditions when others fail. Lightweight and user friendly, it is inexpensive and uses easily obtainable rounds. It's unique report identifies the user as a foe of U.S. forces.
That's an AK ; unfriendlies in the vicinity!!
автор: numerator 30 апреля 2005
best rifle ever. the only reason it's so inaccurate is because your too weak to hold it or because the barrel bends and flexes as the bullet flies through it
i missed 30/30 bullets fired from my ak-47 because i shot this gun one-handed (trying to be G)
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автор: dr.devious 2 декабря 2009
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