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Abraham's 3-Headed Snake: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. It's the three poisonous religions that came from the roots of Abraham that is as nasty, venomous, and vicious as a snake, causing more wars, more deaths, and more false promises and all the religions combined.

Each of the three headed snake wants to portray itself as something like a peaceful and kind rabbit, unlike the other two. However, truth is, it's equally the same crap as the other two. Beware of it, it's very dangerous!
Jew: No, my religion is the right religion, because Moses, who looks like Charlton Heston, said so.

Christian: No, my religion is the right religion, because Jesus Chris, who looks like a hippie, said so.

Muslim: No, my religion is the right religion, because Mohammed, who's too ugly to be shown, said so.

Me: There goes the Abraham's 3-headed snake again, trying to swallow the rest of us whole!
#abraham #snake #3-headed #islam #christianity #judaism #religion #deception #lies #murders #hypocrisy #double-standards #koran #qu'ran #bible #torah #bullshit #false prophets
автор: mandygirl78 19 апреля 2013
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