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Originating from the term "adam has a nice ass" and can be used to deescribe how "nice, good, sexy, fuckable, lovely, pricless," something is. Also the obsession of adam green for along period of time
as an adjective
1: how adamass your adamly ass looks todat
2: carlos barat has adamass hair.
3: That boy is looking very adamass.

Describing the obsesion of adam green
1: Your so fucking adamass! NOW PUT DOWN THAT GARFIALD CD!
автор: esther 4 декабря 2004

Слова, связанные с Adam-Ass

adam steinsdoerfer butt-pirates corn hole flamers gay people homos
noun - ancient term to define a "homosexuals" asshole, means a very loss male ass, an Adam Steinsdoerfer
Man that guys definitly gay look as his Adam-Ass.
автор: JohnnyBigBalls 3 декабря 2008