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Worst team in the NBA.
Sweet! The Hornets play the Hawks next, so that's a win right there!
автор: hawkdude56 5 мая 2005
207 126
A very underrated team now, full of young rising stars like Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Jamal Crawford, all the fucks above me are wrong.
Man, you see Jamal Crawfor J that 3, man the Atlanta Hawks good
автор: ATLvagmaster 31 января 2010
93 14
the best team in the NBA the only reason they dont win is coz the game is fixed
atlanta hawks lost again last night but did u see tose bullshit calls
автор: the hills slope 3 декабря 2006
95 51
1: A group of sorry bastards who like every other Atlanta Team get your hopes up and Dash them against the rocks.

2:A group that makes you embarrassed to be from Atlanta.
Don't Atlanta Hawks me man that ain't cool.
автор: Sickend 10 мая 2010
23 34
Pfft! Who cares about that team, anyway?!
Atlanta Hawks suck. BIG TIME.
автор: PSP Squirrel #1 25 июня 2006
44 90