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Awesomerest is a word used to refer to people who are above the level of just awesome.
Lydia: You are awesomerest
Jonathan: No you're awesomerest
Lydia: I always win at this
Jon: Not this time
Lydia: Yes I will bitch.
автор: Jonathan Huffines 23 марта 2007
8 4
When compairing three or more thing that are awesome.
Out of all the people at this party, I'm the awesomerest of them all.
автор: spoiledbratt 27 октября 2011
2 0
adj. being the absolute most awesome at something
(comes from bad southern english)
Jack is the awesomerest person on the soccar team.
Jill is the awesomerest person ever.
автор: Captain09 2 ноября 2006
5 5